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Meco 36-AUTO BL

Model No - 36-AUTO BL

Meco 36-AUTO BL

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600A DC /AC TRMS Auto Ranging, 3 Digit, 6000 Counts, Temperature, Capcitance, Data Hold, Back Light, Torch Light, Hz / Duty, NCV (LED, Buzzer & EF Strength), APO Ranges


Product Specifications

AC Current 2A, 20A, 200A, 600A (Auto Ranging)
    Accuracy ±(3%rdg+5dgt) on 2A ±(2%rdg+3dgt) on 20A ±(2%rdg+5dgt) on 200A & 600A
AC Response

40Hz ~ 1KHz


600A AC max. for 1 min

AC Voltage

60A / 600A


±(2.5%rdg+8dgt) on 60A ±(2.5%rdg+5dgt) on 600A

AC Response 40Hz ~ 1KHz

 600A AC max. for 1 min.

DC Current 60A/ 600A
Accuracy  ±(3%rdg+3dgt)
Overload  600A DC max. for 1 min.
AC Voltage 6V, 60V, 600V (Auto)
Accuracy  ±(1.2%rdg+3dgt)
AC Response  40Hz ~ 1KHz
DC Voltage 600mV, 6V, 60V, 600V (Auto)
Accuracy ±(0.8%rdg+3dgt)
Temperature -20 C to 750 C / -4 F to1382 F
Accuracy ±(3%rdg+5dgt)
Capacitance 60nF, 600nF, 6μF, 60μF, 600μF, 6mF, 60mF (Auto)
Accuracy ±(4%rdg+3dgt)
Frequency 60Hz, 600Hz, 6KHz, 60KHz, 600KHz, 1MHz (Auto)
Accuracy ±(0.5%rdg+2dgt)
Duty Cycle 0.1% - 99.9%
Accuracy ±(0.5%rdg+2dgt)
Resistance 600Ω, 6kΩ, 60KΩ , 600kΩ, 6MΩ , 60MΩ (Auto)
Accuracy ±(1%rdg+3dgt)



30V (approx.)
Diode Test 1.0 ±0.6mA (approx.)
Power Two 1.5V 'AAA' Battery
Battery Life 200 Hours Typical
Low Battery "Battery" is indicated
Dimension Weight 185 x 65 x 28 mm (approx.)
Jaw Opening Cable Dia. 25mm (max.)
Safety Standard CAT II 600V
Accessories One Pair of Test Leads, Instruction Manual, Carrying Case, Battery (installed) K Type Thermocouple (upto2600 C)
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