What are round shell connectors used for?

Round Shell Connectors

Round Shell Connectors

Multi-pin connectors which are used primarily for external interfacing and are called round shell connectors. They can be used for transferring data, for transmitting electrical signals, or for powering electrical devices. Circular connectors have been designed to hold what may be referred to as a mixed-signal in some cases and may be defined as a connector for power and control. For both power and signal transmissions, these types of multi-pin connectors are used.

Types of Round Shell Connectors

Originally, the term round shell connector was used solely to specify a circular plastic connector (CPC). These connector types, or Circular Metal Shell Connectors (CMC), are used in industrial applications where a robust and safe wire link is needed. While offering a safe link for industrial applications, they are built to withstand an abusive climate. Other styles of connectors, including DIN connectors, military connectors, and micro or nano connectors, can also be used to identify circular connectors.

Both Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC) and Circular Metal-Shell Connectors (CMC) are built by an OEM where the plug and receptacle are typically calibrated to fit their own connectors exclusively from Chawla Electronic. The shell size, thread type or coupling and contact arrangement do not allow connectors made for other applications or created by other OEMs to be inserted.

Get in touch with the best round shell connector suppliers for a great purchase at affordable prices. In accordance with military standards, military (MIL-SPEC) connectors are designed. Their architecture takes account of the need to protect the connection from environmental influences, enabling it to be used for military and aerospace applications.

DIN connectors are high frequency, multi-pin, electrical connectors that follow the specifications set by the German national standardization body, the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN). To ensure the pins line up correctly, the ends of DIN connectors are round, notched, and covered by a metal skirt.

“Micro connectors and nano connectors show 0.05″ (micro) and 0.025″ (nano) touch pitches, respectively. They have plated contacts on one or more rows and are either straight or right-angled.

What is Shell Size of Connector?

To define the size of the connector, the shell is widely used. You can understand it better from the round shell wholesale supplier. The size of the shell is a nominal amount defined by a number of two digits that is often accompanied by a letter code. In order to determine the number of 1/16th inch increments in the shell diameter, the two-digit number is used.

In general, larger shell sizes are used to house bigger contacts used for control. Conversely, smaller shells are designed to house the sensors with the smaller contacts required. In order to accommodate versatility in contact size and arrangement, intermediate shell sizes are used. A number of cable diameters can also be used for each shell.

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