What are pluggable connectors?

what are pluggable connectors

What are pluggable connectors?

Pluggable Connectors – The best solution for any application: Chawla Electronic plug-in connectors quickly and easily connect to the widest range of applications, whether on the printed circuit board, in the control cabinet, or for lighting connectivity.


  • A comprehensive selection of items for any application for pluggable connector
  • The spring pressure link technology often securely clamps conductors
  • Push-in termination of both solid and ferruled conductors
  • Guaranteed security from mismating by means of person coding by pluggable connector supplier in India

Gender of the connector

A connector’s gender refers to whether it is attached or plugged in and is usually male or female, respectively (kids, ask your parents for a more thorough explanation). Unfortunately, when it appears to be female, there are occasions where a connector might be referred to as “male”; in the examples section, we will point out a couple of those when we discuss individual types of components and explain why that’s the case.


The company part of the connector is Contacts. They are the metal parts that, forming an electrical link, touch each other. This is also where there are problems: the contacts can become soiled or oxidized, or with time the springiness needed to keep the contacts together can fade.


In a repetitive pattern, several connectors consist of an array of contacts. The gap from the center of one touch to the center of the next is the pitch of the connector. This is important because there are many contact families that look very similar, but can vary in pitch, making it hard to know that you are buying the right connector for mating. You must get in touch with the pluggable connector wholesale supplier to understand the quality of these products a bit more. 

Mating cycle

Connectors have a finite existence, and what tires them out is connecting and disconnecting them. In terms of mating cycles, datasheets typically present the detail, and it differs widely from one technology to another. In the thousands or tens of thousands of cycles, a USB connector can have a lifespan, whereas a board-to-board connector designed for use within consumer electronics may be limited to tens of cycles. It is important that you choose a connector for the application that has a suitable existence.

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