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Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions are used to manage all the uses of the Chawla Electronic website and all of its content, products, services, and everything else available through, but not limited to, Chawla Electronic, its free and paid services. This taken together should be referred to as the Website. The Website is owned and operated by Chawla Electronic, and is offered while being subjected to your acceptance without any modification of the terms and conditions mentioned here along with other operating rules, policies, and procedures that Chawla Electronic may publish on the Website from time to time.

Please be sure to read this agreement completely before you access or use the website. Should you choose to access the Website, you are subjecting yourself to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions mentioned here, then you are not allowed to access the Website or use any of its services. If these terms and conditions are acknowledged as an offer by Chawla electronic, acceptance is limited only to these terms. Please note that only individuals above 13 years of age may access the website.

Your Chawla Electronic Account and Site

If you decide to create an account on the Website, you are solely responsible for handling the security of your account, all activities that occur within the account, and other legal actions that may have connection with the account. You must not assign or describe any keywords to your account that may be deemed unlawful or misleading, including but not limited to the trade on the name or reputation of other individuals and firms. Chawla Electronic may change or remove any keywords or descriptions that may be deemed inappropriate by it, or that are at a risk to cause Chawla Electronic a liability. You must always notify Chawla Electronic of all unauthorized uses of your account, and any security breaches that occur with your account. Chawla Electronic will not be responsible for any acts or omissions of information on your behalf, including but not limited to all damages that occur as a result of these acts or omissions.

Responsibility of Contributors

If you operate and use an account on the Website for any purpose, including but not limited to commenting on other accounts, posting material to the Website, posting links to the Website, or make any material or content made available to everyone by means of the Website, you shall be referred to as a contributor. As a contributor, you are completely responsible for all the possible damages that can occur from the content you contribute to the Website. This is irrespective of whether the content includes text, graphics, audio, games, or software. By making this content available to all, you agree to the following:

  • Downloading and copying of the content will not infringe the proprietary rights of copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret rights of the owners or any third party involved or uninvolved.
  • If your employer has rights to the intellectual property that you create, you must first receive permission from your employer in order to post the content or make it available for all to see. You may also secure a waiver to all the rights of the content from your employer.
  • You have completely complied with the third party licenses related to the content that you publish, and ensures that you pass the terms of any end users.
  • The Content should not contain or install any malicious software on any computer including but not limited to viruses, worms, malware, ransomware, and Trojan Horses.
  • The Content is not spam, that is it should not be randomly generated and should not contain any unethical or unwanted commercial content that helps drive traffic towards third-party sites, or that helps boost the ranking of third-party sites. It should not be used to mislead recipients of the content, or as a phishing source.
  • Your account won’t get advertised with the help of any unwanted electronic communication such as spam, email lists, newsgroups, etc.
  • Your account would not be named to deceive or mislead your audience into thinking that you are someone else, or another company altogether. Therefore, the URL of your account should not reflect the name of any other person than yourself or a company that you do not own.
  • You have all the categories of your content approved by Chawla Electronic as such.

Without the limitations of any representations or warranties, Chawla Electronic has the right to (i) refuse or remove any and all content that violates the terms and conditions mentioned here of in the reasonable views of Chawla Electronics, (ii) terminate the account access or that to any data of the Website to any individual or company for any reason that Chawla Electronic deems reasonable without any obligations to refunds of any amounts that may have been paid previously. When you agree to submit content to the Website, you grant Chawla electronic a royalty-free, world-wide, and non-exclusive license to use and reproduce the Content however it deems fit. If you delete the content, Chawla Electronic will use all the reasonable efforts to try and remove the content from the Website, however you must acknowledge that caching or references to the Content can still work.

Payment and Renewal

General Terms

All the paid services such as domain purchases, extra storage, or post-type allowances will be termed as Upgrades. When you choose to make an Upgrade on your account, you agree to pay Chawla Electronic the due subscription fees as mentioned on the website. These payments may be charged on a pre-pay schedule, and will cover you for the use of the service for the duration of the subscription period. The fees of upgrades are not renewable and, transactions made in error are your own responsibility without any liability of Chawla Electronic.

Automatic Renewal

Except in the case where you notify Chawla Electronic of the termination of your Upgrade before the end of your subscription period, your subscription is bound to automatically renew. By upgrading, you agree to authorize us to collect the subscription fees of your upgrade at the beginning of the next subscription period including the applicable taxes on the fees via the payment mode selected by you. You can cancel your upgrades at any time you deem fit via your account dashboard in the Website.

Third Party Services

Some of the Chawla Electronic products and services may require the utilization of your account in coordination with third-party services. You are yourself responsible for these services, including but not limited to the cost incurred upon using these services via the use of the Website. Chawla Electronic is not responsible for any of the credentials provided by you to these services.

Fee Estimates

Chawla Electronics may provide you with estimates of the fees incurred and the charges that can be associated with the use of the third party services. We may not be able to estimate all the purchasing options and/or discounts from the third party services. You are to acknowledge and agree with the fact that these are only estimates and the actual costs may be different.

User Feedback

Except in the case of posted or personal information, if you decide to transmit information to Chawla Electronic regarding any feedback, such information shall be deemed as non-confidential as well as non-proprietary. Chawla Electronic shall have no liability whatsoever with regards to the reproduction, disclosure, or modification of this information termed as User Feedback. When you transmit such information as User Feedback, you grant Chawla Electronic a perpetual and worldwide, irrevocable, and royalty-free license to it. This user feedback may be used for any purpose deemed fit by Chawla Electronic. You are not allowed to transmit any spam or unsolicited letters that include threats, harassments, obscene materials, defamatory or offensive content, and in the violation of this, you shall be subject to the laws and regulations applicable for the transmission of such content. Chawla Electronic holds no liability regarding such communications.

Responsibility of Website Visitors

Chawla Electronic cannot review all of the material present on the Website which includes but isn’t limited to computer software. As such, Chawla Electronic cannot be held liable for the content of that material, and its effects and uses. By its operation of the Website, Chawla Electronic does not in any way claim to endorse the material on it, or claim for it to be harmless in any way. You yourself are responsible for taking care and precautions that are required to protect yourself from malicious and destructive software instances and other forms of harm. The content on the Website may be offensive to some people, or objectionable to most, and may include inaccuracies. It also may contain material that may violate the privacy, or intellectual property rights of some users or those of some third-parties. Chawla Electronic claims no liability for any harm that may result form the use of the Website or from using any of its products or services.

Content Posted on Other Websites

We have never reviewed, not intent to review the entirety of material posted and made available via the websites and webpages to which the Website links, or those that link to the Website. As such, by linking to third-party websites, Chawla Electronic does not represent any of them or claim to endorse the material, content, products and services of those websites. You are solely responsible for the actions you take in order to protect yourself from malicious software, or from hard by any means resulting from your usage of those websites. Chawla Electronic shall not hold any liability for your harm from those websites and webpages.

Copyright Infringement

As Chawla Electronic requests others to respect its intellectual property, it also respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that any of the material on the Website violates your copyright, you are authorized to inform Chawla Electronic of the incident and it shall be followed in accordance with the DMCA. Chawla Electronic shall respond to all the notices that come along these lines, and shall also remove the infringing material and content, and by disabling all the links to the material. If any visitor is deemed to be a repeated offender of copyright infringement, Chawla Electronic may terminate their account with no obligations towards refunds of any previously paid amounts.

Intellectual Property

This does not transfer as an agreement form Chawla Electronic to you, or to any third -parties. All the intellectual property belongs to their respective owners and shall remain as such, with the interests related to it remaining with Chawla Electronic. All the content posted by Chawla Electronic are intellectual property of them and you are not granted any rights to use or reproduce them in any way you see fit.


Chawla Electronic retains the right to display fitting advertisements on your account at its own discretion.


Chawla Electronic retains all rights to display links regarding the attribution of material on it, such as ‘account hosted by Chawla Electronic’, etc. in the footer section of the Website. These credits may not be removed irrespective of the upgrades you purchase.

Domain Names

The domain name you register with, or transfer, should be in accordance with and subjectable to the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), including the Registration, Rights, and Responsibilities.


Chawla Electronic may reserve all rights to modify or replace any or all parts of the agreement. You are solely responsible to check the agreement periodically for any possible changes. Your use of the website after the posting of this agreement subjects you to acceptance of all those changes. Chawla Electronic may even offer new services via the website which will all be subject to this agreement.


Chawla Electronic retains the right to terminate your access to the Website, or parts of the Website, with or without reason, with or without any prior notice. If you wish to terminate the agreement or your account, you shall discontinue using the Website altogether. All the provisions of this agreement that may survive termination due to their nature, shall survive it. This is including but not limited to the ownerships, warranties, disclaimers, as well as the limitations of liabilities.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Website and its products are provided on an “as is” basis. Therefore, you shall acknowledge that we disclaim all liability to any warranties that may have been expressed or implied. This includes but is not limited to the warranties of various products, merchandise, and intellectual property. You shall understand that you obtain the content and services of the website at your own discretion and risks.

Limitations of Liability

In no event shall Chawla Electronic be held liable to any subject matter of this agreement. Therefore, there shall be no liability on behalf of Chawla Electronic for: (i) any special or otherwise incidents that may cause damages, (ii) the cost of the substitute products or services, (iii) the interruption of the use of or loss of data, (iv) the costs or fees that may arise from the use of third party services, (v) any amounts that exceed the fee you pay to Chawla Electronic under this agreement for your subscription period.

General Representation

By using the Website, you represent that your use of the Website will be in coherence with the agreement mentioned here. You shall accept that your usage of the Website shall not cause any copyright infringement or a violation of this agreement. Your use of the Website shall be subject to your local laws.


You agree to fully hold Chawla Electronic and its associates harmless and exempt them of any expenses or liability arising from your usage of the website, including without limitation your violation of this agreement and attorney fees applicable.