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Buy Electronic Relays Online at Best Price in India

Relays are everywhere. If you are electronics enthusiastic you may find relay around you. Relays are playing a very vital role in the evolutions of electronics with IoT. Relays are always in demand by DIY geeks. Based on demand and feedback from our makers we stock of the variety of relays that can handle up to 30A current.

A relay is basically a switch that is operated by an electromagnet. The electromagnet requires a small voltage to get activated which we will give from the Arduino and once it is activated, it will pull the contact to make the high voltage circuit.

Relay is an electrical or electronic switch. Electromagnetic coil is used to close or open the electrical relay switch. Electronic Relay known as Solid State Relay has no moving coil and long life and faster uses semiconductor like MOSFET or TRIAC for swathing.