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TV Connector Wholesale Supplier in India

The TV Connector is a simple plug and play interface to TV’s and other audio sources. Please make sure your hearing aids are compatible before ordering.

The TV Connector allows you to wirelessly connect your hearing aids to your TV or other audio source. It sends wireless audio signals up to 15 m (50 ft). The TV Connector may only be used with compatible hearing aid models.

Thank you for choosing the TV Connector. The intended use of the TV Connector is to connect your hearing aids directly to your TV or audio source.

Daily usage of the TV Connector: Switch ON your TV or audio source. If the TV Connector is powered on, it will automatically transmit the audio signal to the connected hearing aids.

Adjusting the volume of the TV Connector audio: To adjust the volume of the audio that is transmitting from the TV Connector: Push the volume increase (+) button on top of the TV Connector. Push the volume decrease (-) button on top of the TV Connector. A tune will be played in any connected hearing aid to indicate that the volume has changed.