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Buy Electronic Components Online at Best Price

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PLA Relay Suppliers in India – These K-10D relays can be powered from a GPIO input at a low level and can be used effectively where a relay output from an open collector output is necessary. These useful boards provide an easy way to interface a low-level control output to higher-level loads such as a low-voltage screen controller from a control system such as the FSR Flex Gpio ports. They can also be used if necessary to reverse control output logic. For quick, simple wiring, the units use captive screw terminals and provide onboard LEDs that track the state of the relay. The K-10D “5 pack” contains the relay modules and hook and loop mounting strips for “snap away”.

Relays are electrically operated switches which, by receiving electrical signals from outside sources, open and close the circuits. Some individuals can equate “relay” with a racing competition where team members take turns passing batons to finish the race.

The “relays” embedded in electrical products operate in a similar way; they receive an electrical signal and, by turning the switch on and off, send the signal to other devices.

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For instance, when you press the button to watch TV on a TV remote, it sends an electrical signal within the TV to the “relay,” turning the main power ON. In many applications, there are different kinds of relays used to regulate different quantities of currents and number of circuits.

Basic mechanical relay structure

The relay consists of a coil that receives and transforms an electrical signal to a mechanical operation and contacts that open and close the electrical circuit.

Mechanical relays’ operating principles

Let’s take a closer look at how a switch and a relay are used to turn a lamp on.

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An Electronic Relay

The physical spacing between the coil and the contact part is one of the key features of a mechanical relay to achieve an acceptable degree of insulation (insulation distance) on both input and output.

In addition to SSOP and USOP, our new ultra-compact VSON package size provides considerable space saving for the entire device.

  • Low driving current The normal driving current is expected to be between 2 and 15 mA.
  • Ultrasensitive versions with drive currents of as little as 0.2 mA(max) are also available, allowing the entire device to save energy.
  • Longer operating life The structure uses a light signal, but there are no contacts; it prevents the decrease in contact wear life and increases its operating life.
  • Small MOSFET relay leakage current can withstand external surge current without snubber circuit addition. Under normal conditions, the leakage current is about 1 nA or less, and the leakage when closed is very small. (Model: G3VM-GR, -LR, -PR, -UR)
  • Excellent shock resistance All internal components use the process of casting and no movable parts are used; it improves shock and vibration resistance.
  • Silent operation Unlike an electromechanical relay, mechanical contacts are not used by the MOSFET relay; therefore, no switching noise contributes to the silent operation of the device.
  • High isolation Enables electrical I/O isolation by turning the voltage signal into a transmission light signal. The standard models give a resistant voltage between the input and output of 2,500 VAC. There are also superior goods offering 5000 VAC, reaching high levels of insulation.
  • High-speed switching Achieve switching time of 0.2 ms (SSOP, USOP, VSON); much faster velocity compared to mechanical relay (3 to 5 ms), achieving rapid response efficiency.


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