Chawla Electronics in Chandigarh is one of the top 10 suppliers of electrical devices in north India. They have an extensive range of all different electronic devices. Which includes Electronic Timers, Fuse Holders Powercells, Back panel connectors, hand press and many other electronic items.

Chawla electronics have been in this business for many years. Moreover, have made a name for themselves in providing the best quality electronic items at the best prices in the market. Whenever anyone in Chandigarh wants to purchase any electronic item then the first name that comes to their mind is chawla electronics.


Chawla electronics have the lowest prices of electronic goods as they believe in customer delight. They leave no stone unturned to see to it that the customer gets the best quality product. Therefore at the most reasonable price.

This approach has made Chawla electronics one of the top 10 suppliers of electric devices in north India.

Also the after sales service of Chawla electronics is top class. The customers can always depend on them as they know that for Above all the customer is the priority. Customer satisfaction to the goal.

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Therefore this is definitely a name you can trust and whenever you want to purchase electronic items in Chandigarh. You should go to Chawla electronics as they will provide you the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Also Chawla electronics have their own website as well which is You can log on and purchase products online as well. Many different payment options are available and also you don’t need to physically reach to the store. You can purchase the best quality products at reasonable prices online.

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Chawla electronics are the best in the business as far as electronic items are concerned and they have the widest range and best quality products and thus if you want to buy any electronic gadget then Chawla’s electronics is the place to go to.

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